Lindencrest Billing Service LLC is a full-service healthcare billing company that is committed to helping your company get reimbursed quicker, be current with receivables and get the money that you are entitled to. We are here to help you with your billing needs.

NO MINIMUM BILLING: Whether you see 5 patients a day or 50, we only charge for the payments you receive.

ELECTRONIC BILLING: Most insurance companies accept claims electronically. Paper claims are mailed or faxed when insurance companies require it and for some accident and workers’ compensation claims.

SECONDARY AND TERTIARY CLAIMS FILING: Some insurance companies accept these electronically, including Medicare.

PAYMENT POSTING: We post insurance EOB’s and patient payments.

INSURANCE FOLLOW UP CALLS: We call the insurance carrier to check claim status and work to resolve rejected claims as quickly as possible.

PATIENT BILLING: Balances due from your patients are billed once a month. For patients that do not pay we will place reminder calls at your discretion. We are not licensed as a collection agency and will submit a past-due patient balance to a collection agency of your choice only after consulting with you. We also handle all patient inquiries which frees up your office staff to care for your patients.

REPORTS: Charges submitted, payments received, aging reports and others are available for our providers. We will also custom create reports such as for authorizations and copay/coinsurance amounts due.

We customize our services to meet your billing needs:
1) ELECTRONIC CLAIMS ONLY: Some providers create a batch of claims using their practice management software and submit the claims to our secure site for transmittal to the clearinghouse.
2) PAYMENT POSTING AND FOLLOW-UP: Some providers prefer to submit the claims using their practice management software and leave the rest to us.
3) FULL MEDICAL BILLING SERVICE: Some providers prefer to outsource all of their billing needs to us so they can concentrate their attention on their patients.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your billing needs and how we might be of service to you.